House in Columbia County Columbia County, NY

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Perched on a cliff in Columbia County, the design of the residence maximizes its relationship to the compelling landscape. The glazed western facade opens to stunning views extending fifty miles to the Hudson River, while the eastern facade nestles below grade for a more intimate relationship to the nearby woods. 

Conceived as the interplay of two volumes, views of the natural landscape are juxtaposed with views of contemporary art. The open plan of the lower level consists of living, dining and kitchen spaces. Bedrooms on the upper level are organized around the perimeter to capitalize on views and light, while a private library/ archive anchors the center circulation space. Discreet apertures in the upper level contrast with the unrestricted views of the fully glazed lower level. Large overhangs on the south and west reduce heat gain in the summer months and solar panels on the roof provide for domestic hot water.


Principal:  Toshiko Mori
Project Lead:  Jolie Kerns
Project Team:  Stephanie Wong


Photographs © Iwan Baan

Location Columbia County, NY
Owner Private Residence
Program Residential New Construction
Size 6,200 sq ft