SELECTED Periodicals



Time Out Magazine, "The New Normal Interview Series: Designing a Better Tomorrow, with Toshiko Mori"

 The Observer, "The World's Top 10 New Architecture Projects" 

Architectural Digest, "Five Stunning Landscapes for Five Decades of Earth Day"

Monograph: ArchiTangle, "Toshiko Mori Observations"

Architectural Review, April 2020 Issue on Darkness "Fass School by Toshiko Mori Architect"

ABC News, "New Members of the American Academy of Arts and Letters"

Arquitectura Viva, "Toshiko Mori, school and teachers' residence in Fass (Senegal)"

Metropolis Magazine, "Toshiko Mori on Collecting Wabanaki and Penobscot Baskets"

A+U Magazine, "Feature: Toshiko Mori"

Architectural Digest, "2020 AD100"


New York Times, "The 25 Rooms That Influence the Way We Design"

Architectural Record, "2019 Women in Architecture Award Winners Announced"

Architectural Digest, "Toshiko Mori Devises a Compact Beach House on a Scenic Stretch of Long Island"

Architectural Digest, "These 13 Buildings Have Redefined Architecture in the Last Five Years" 

Architect's Newspaper, "Toshiko Mori Architect Greets the Lower East Side with CNC-milled Granite"

Architect's Newspaper, "A New Wave of Modern Architecture" (exhibition review)

Nikkei Architecture, "Advice from Harvard University Professor Toshiko Mori" (interview, in Japanese)

Forbes Japan, "100 Self Made Women" (in Japanese)

New York Times, "36 Hours in Camden and Rockport, Maine (and Environs)"

Harvard Design Magazine, "Looking Inward: An Exchange on Recent Work"

Newsweek Japan, "100 Japanese People the World Respects"

New York Times T Brand Studio, "Architect Toshiko Mori Defies Gravity" (video)

Architectural Digest, "The Toshiko Mori-designed Elementary School Opens in Rural Senegal"

AN Interior, "Top 50 Architects"

Architectural Record, "Fass School and Teachers' Residence by Toshiko Mori"

Monocle, "Transforming Communities" (interview)

Nikkei Business, "50 Japanese People Changing the World"


New York Times, "Architecture is No Longer Just a Gentleman's Profession"

Architectural Digest, "This Upstate New York Art Barn is a Panoramic Paradise"

ARCHITECT Magazine, "Toshiko Mori Awarded the Topaz Medallion"

Time Magazine, "The 100 Greatest Places in the World"

The Harvard Gazette, "I was confused and inspired. I wanted to do everything."

Architect's Newspaper, "Here is AN Interior's First Ever List of Top 50 Interior Architects and Designers" 

Architect's Newspaper, "AN's Top 50 Interior Architect's Favorite Building Materials and Products"

Architectural Digest, "Toshiko Mori Challenges Strong Men Through Her Architecture"

AdAge, "Connected by Design: R/GA's Bob Greenberg Curates Exhibit for Cooper Hewitt"

Cool Hunting, "'Bob Greenberg Selects' at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum"

Surface Magazine, "R/GA's Bob Greenberg Curates an Exquisite Exhibition"

Architectural Digest, "Bob Greenberg Guest-Curates Toshiko Mori-Designed Exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt"


Artsy, "In a Remote Senegalese Village, International Artists Are Learning from Local Creatives"

AM New York, "Brooklyn Children's Museum Unveils New Rooftop Space with Massive Toshiko Mori Canopy"

Architectural Digest, "Rafael Vinoly and Toshiko Mori's Rooftop Terrace at the Brooklyn Children's Museum Opens at Last"

The New York Times, "Rooftop Terrace at Brooklyn Children's Museum is Set to Open"

The Guardian, "Bold, Beautiful Bricks from Paraguay to Poland" 

Artsy, "These Architects are Transforming the Way we Experience Art"

The Brandeis Hoot, "Mori Shares Her Keys to Success in Architecture Lecture"

The Art Newspaper, "Albers Foundation Celebrates Second Anniversary of Senegal Project"

Architectural Record, "Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin D. Martin House Complex"

Dezeen, "Toshiko Mori Uses Compressed Earth and Bamboo for Cultural Hub in Remote Senegalese Village" 

Dezeen, "Toshiko Mori and Hirsch Corti turn label-making factory into Peter Freeman Gallery"


Brown University, "Award-winning Architects Selected for Two New Brown Building Projects"

Design New England, "Yankee Pluck" 

Architectural Record, "Visions of the Future"

Wall Street Journal, "New Space for Nonprofit Theater"

Architectural Record, "Material Futures"

Wallpaper, “Northeastern Light: Toshiko Mori Designs a Shiny New Building for CMCA”

Portland Press Herald, "Dear Toshiko Mori, Architect of New Center for Maine Contemporary Art: Thank you!"

Yellowtrace, "Artists Residency & Cultural Centre in Senegal by Toshiko Mori Architects"

Citylab, "Turning a Blue-Collar Town Into Maine's Year-Round Arts Destination"

Architectural Digest, "Clear Thinking"

ArchDaily, "Interview with Toshiko Mori: Rather than Working With Forms, We Work with Forces"

Wired, “The Amazing Architecture that Captivated us in 2015”


Architectural Record, "Class Favorites: Best Projects of 2015” 

Architectural Digest / AD, “New York City Opens its First Subway Station in Nearly Three Decades” 

SUMMA Magazine, “Aqua y comunidad” 

SRQ, "CFAS Special Guest Toshiko Mori on Modern Spaces"

The Plan, “Toshiko Mori Architect, Thread” 

Metropolis, "Emerging Voices 1992: Toshiko Mori Architect"

The Japan Times, "Refusing to Check Out of the Hotel Okura"

Architectural Record, "Thread: Artists’ Residence & Cultural Center"

Architectural Digest, "Good Works: Team Building"

Wallpaper, "Low Impact, a Well Connected New Community Centre in Rural Senegal Has High Ambitions"

T Magazine (Japan), "The Preservation of Dreams"

The Guardian, "Parched Backwater in Senegal Where Local Traditions and Modern Art Collide" 

Architectural Digest / AD, "See Why the Fashion and Architectural Worlds are Leaping to the Defense of a Tokyo Hotel" 

Town & Country, "Sayonara Syndrome"

Harvard Magazine, "Good Design"

Nikkei BP DAZZLE, "Interview with Toshiko Mori"

Archinect, "Toshiko Mori designs pro-bono a new artists’ residency in Senegal"

Elle Japan, "Interview with Toshiko Mori"

Forbes Japan, "Toshiko Mori"


Casa Brutus, "Interview with Toshiko Mori" 

Maine Home + Design, "Weaving Past and Present" 

The Plan, "Two Villas" - House on Maine Coast, House in Bedford

24 heures, "Toshiko Mori for the architecture must serve the sustainable development" 

Oculus, "2014 AIA Design Award" - House in Ghent, Sinthian Cultural Center and Artists’ Residence


Financial Times, "Tomas Maier of Bottega Veneta meets architect Toshiko Mori"

Architectural Record, "Toshiko Mori to Design New Center for Maine Contemporary Art" - Center for Maine Contemporary Art

Architectural Record, "Women's Voices, Women's Work"

Architectural Record, "Here Comes the Neighborhodd" - Sean Kelly Gallery


Architectural Digest, "Sean Kelly Gallery Moves to a New Toshiko Mori-Designed Space" - Sean Kelly Gallery

Architect’s Newspaper, "Sean Kelly Gallery" - Sean Kelly Gallery 

New York Times, "Gallery May Lead Arts Migration to Hudson Yards" by Randy Kennedy  -  Sean Kelly Gallery

New York Times, "Gallery as Museum, Art Dealer as Curator"  -  Sean Kelly Gallery

Architect’s Newspaper, "Americans in Venice"  -  Venice Biennale

AD China, "Common Ground"  -  Venice Biennale

Europaconcorsi, "Dialogue in Details"  -  Venice Biennale

ArchDaily, "Venice Biennale 2012: Dialogue in Details/Toshiko Mori"  -  Venice Biennale

Dwell, “Mass Modern”  -  House in Martha’s Vineyard

Financial Times "How to Spend It: Outstanding Balance"  -  House in Columbia County

Oculus, "Small Firms Doing Big Things"  -  Brooklyn Children’s Museum Roof Top Canopy

The Architect’s Newspaper, "Vacant, Nevermore!"  -  Poe Park Visitor Center


Architect Magazine, "Agent Orange"  -  Syracuse Center of Excellence & Link Hall Addition

GreenSource, "Center of Excellence"  -  Syracuse Center of Excellence

Architectural Digest, "Fresh Perspective" -  House in Columbia County

Architectural Review, "Architectural Review Preview"  -  Greenberg-Lee House

Azure, "Toshiko Mori Architect’s Center of Excellence" -  Syracuse Center of Excellence

The Architect’s Newspaper, "Unveiled: Brooklyn Children’s Museum Rooftop" -  Brooklyn Children’s Museum Roof Top Canopy

St. Louis Beacon, "Rethinking Kiener Plaza as a gracious link between Citygarden and Arch" - Kiener Plaza Performance Pavilion

Wall Street Journal, "A Visitor Center Where Poe Heard a Knocking" by Julie Iovine  -  Poe Park Visitor Center

3D Perspectives, Dassault Systemes, "Three Questions to Toshiko Mori"

Architect, "Systems Thinking, VisionArc: A New York City Think Tank, puts design at the service of     complex global challenges"

The Plan, "Syracuse Center of Excellence – Syracuse, USA" by Raymund Ryan  -  Syracuse Center of Excellence

Architect’s Newspaper, "NYU’s Expansive Approach" by Julie Iovine  -  NYU Masterplan

Bloomberg News, "Syracuse Builds $41 Million Green Incubator" by James Russell  -  Syracuse Center of Excellence

Häuser, "The Staged View" by Andres Lepik  -  House in Columbia County


Metropolis Magazine, "Urban Intervention"

GSD Platform 3, "Global Redesign Project I: Le Kinkeliba"

Architectural Lighting, "A View on Wright" -  Eleanor & Wilson Greatbatch Pavilion

L’Architecture D’Aujourd’Hui, "Dictionary of Vagueness"

Wall Street Journal, "Small Theaters with Big Ideas"

Architectural Record, "Recounting Modernism: Houses by three Modernist masters – Breuer, Neutra, and Schindler – present different challenges to new architects"

Casa Brutus, "What’s New in New York"

Architectural Review, "Exhibition; Contemplating the Void: Interventions in the Guggenheim Museum" by Paula Deitz  -  Contemplating the Void: Interventions in the Guggenheim Museum

Interview Magazine, "A Spiral of Possibilities" - Contemplating the Void: Interventions in the Guggenheim Museum

New York Times, "Take This Museum and Shape It" by Roberta Smith  -  Contemplating the Void: Interventions in the Guggenheim Museum


Arquitectura Viva 129, "Review: Toshiko Mori Architect"

Vivienda y Decoración, El Mercurio, "La Influyente Toshiko Mori." Toshiko Mori interviewed.

Metropolis, "Wright-ish" -  Eleanor & Wilson Greatbatch Pavilion

The Architect’s Newspaper, "Working for the City"

Archistorm, "Villas de rêve en Mongolie-Intérieure"

Wall Street Journal, "Buffalo’s Wright Stuff" -  Eleanor & Wilson Greatbatch Pavilion

Architectural Review, "Eleanor and Wilson Greatbatch Pavilion" by Michael Kubo  -  Eleanor & Wilson Greatbatch Pavilion

Architect, "Martin House Visitor’s Center and Restoration" -  Eleanor & Wilson Greatbatch Pavilion

Azure Magazine, "Toshiko Mori introduces Frank Lloyd Wright"  -  Eleanor & Wilson Greatbatch Pavilion

The Architect’s Newspaper, "Open: The Greatbatch Pavilion" -  Eleanor & Wilson Greatbatch Pavilion

Interior Design, "Fashioning Felt’ Exhibit Opens in New York"  -  Fashioning Felt, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum


A+U, "House in Taghkanic"  -  House in Taghkanic


2012       Cloudline: Architecture/Art/Site, Hatje Cantz Verlag  - House in Columbia County

2008       Toshiko Mori Architect, Monacelli Press

2002       Immaterial/Ultramaterial, Ed. Toshiko Mori, George Braziller


2017       LAB: Building a Home for Scientists, featuring Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Lars Muller Publishers

2016       Architecture and Plurality, Aga Khan Award for Architecture, ‘Thread Cultural Center,' Lars Muller Publishers

2013       Architecture is Life, Aga Khan Award for Architecture, ‘Innovation and Judgement,' Lars Muller Publishers

2010       Solid States: Changing Time for Concrete, “Opportunity in Transition: The Reinventing of Concrete," Princeton Architectural Press 

2010       Material Design: Informing Architecture by Materiality, “Weaving: The Tectonics of Textiles," Birkhauser Verlag                       

2010       Ecological Urbanism, "Balances and Challenges of Integrated Practice," Lars Muller Publishers    

2010       Exploration: The Architecture of John Ronan, Princeton Architectural Press, foreword by Toshiko Mori                     

2008       Tokyo Life, Intro. Toshiko Mori, Rizzoli Press

2006       Japan-ness in Architecture, MIT Press, foreword by Toshiko Mori

2004       10x10_2 100 Architects 10 Critics, “Resilience, Resistance, and Restraint” and texts on 10 architects              

2003       The Favela-Barrio Project, “Urbanism and Magical Realism”

2002       Sanctuaries – The Last Works of John Hejduk, Preface



2015       Japan Architect, August Monthly Critique by Toshiko Mori

2015       Japan Architect, June Monthly Critique by Toshiko Mori

2015       Japan Architect, April Monthly Critique by Toshiko Mori

2015       Japan Architect, February Monthly Critique by Toshiko Mori

2014       Shinkenchiku, review of Abeno Harukas, "Tallest Building in Japan"

2013       A+U Magazine, "Innovation and Cities"

2013       Shinkenchiku, book review of ‘Integrated Station City Development’

2013       The Plan (2013 Editorial Committee Member) ‘Constellation of Architecture Practice’

2013       GRASP, ‘Design for Cities and Lifestyle,’ online blog article 

2013       The Architectural League of New York - Features, ‘In Conversation: Wang Shu, Lu Wenyu, and Toshiko Mori'                         

2012       World Economic Forum Blog, "Design and Innovation: Catalysts for Change"

2012       The Architect’s Newspaper, "Obituary: Yoshiko Sato"

2011       A+U (Shinkenchiku) Special Issue, "Daunting Task to Come"

2006       Harvard Bookstore, "Featured Scholar: Interview with John Maeda"

2006       The Architect’s Newspaper, "Architecture Seen Between the Cracks"

2005       32BNY, "Jinhua Architecture Park" - Newspaper Cafe

1998       Harvard Design Magazine, "Design and Fabrication"

1997       Harvard Design Magazine, "Look Again"

1996       GSD News, "Teaching and Research"

1991       Metropolis, "The City of Tokyo Has a Center But This Center Is a Void"

1984       Japan Interior, "Museum Stores"

1979       Japan/New York, "Six Interviews with Artists"


Forthcoming, Building from Tradition: Low-tech Strategies and Local Materials in Contemporary Architecture, Routledge - Thread

Forthcoming, Africa Today, Gestalten - Thread

2015       Alpine Modern, Thames & Hudson - House in Columbia County

2015       Thirty Years of Emerging Voices: Idea, Form, Resonance, Princeton Architectural Press

2015        Frank Lloyd Wright: Preservation, Design, and Adding to Iconic Buildings, University of Virginia Press - Eleanor & Wilson Greatbatch Pavilion

2014        American City X, Syracuse University School of Architecture and Princeton Architectural Press - Syracuse Center of Excellence

2012       AsBuilt 3: Details, Technology and Innovation, Princeton Architectural Press - Eleanor & Wilson Greatbatch Pavilion

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