Institute at Brown for Environment and Society Providence, RI

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The Institute at Brown for Environment and Society (IBES) is a renovation of the Hunter Psychology Lab, on Water Street, consisting of classrooms and research spaces, meeting the current demands of the collaborative and interdisciplinary environmental programs. Research activities in the building range from biology, geology, and plant sciences, transgenic plantation and marine specimen analysis, to environmental policy studies. Researchers tackle issues such as; global warming, water scarcity, and ecological conservation.

IBES marks the fifth and final phase of the Campus Walk Landscape project, which is a new axis of greenery that connects the north and south ends of the campus. The Walk starts at Pembroke Hall, where TMA completed the renovation for the Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women, and terminates at IBES. The new open space was gained by relocating the existing greenhouse to the roof. Maya Lin’s commissioned sculpture, located in the open space, Under the Laurentide, illustrates the geology of Narragansett Bay adjacent to the building.

The relocation of the greenhouse to the roof converts a substantial amount of heat gain into the most appropriate research use. Common social spaces are strategically located at the ends of the corridor, maximizing daylight penetration into the heart of the building. An energy “dashboard” monitoring system within the building serves as both consumption verification and educational signage. The building received LEED Gold certification.


Principal: Toshiko Mori
Project Lead: Daekyung Jo
Project Team: Clay Carroll


Photographs © Michael Moran

Location Providence, RI
Owner Brown University
Program Renovation Campus Research Building + Greenhouse
Size 52,000 sq ft