Hudson Park Boulevard Subway Canopy New York, NY

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The Hudson Park and Boulevard project includes the design for a new four acre urban park as part of the revitalization efforts of the far west side of Midtown Manhattan. Providing much needed green space in the new mixed use neighborhood, the Hudson Park and Boulevard is an integral component to the new development that works to create a harmonic relationship between urban infrastructure and natural landscape. Two entry canopies for the 7line subway extension, a café pavilion, a playground, and a cluster of fountains are seamlessly integrated with the landscape and streetscape to create public spaces with instances of repose from the hectic pace of New York City.

The subway canopies present a unique challenge to transform a utilitarian cover into a structure in and of the landscape. Each canopy employs a lightweight grid shell spanning across the full subway entrance. It is a highly calibrated engineering piece where its geometry and shape become the structural support system. Through efficient use of material, the shell creates a light weight transparent canopy, permitting uninterrupted visual connections across the park.

The café, by contrast, seeks to standout as an orienting landmark in the landscape. Orange and stainless steel, materials common to fast food establishments, are reinvented to create a visual dialogue with a neighboring art piece. The building’s metallic orange body, wrapped by a rain-screen of horizontal stainless steel wires, produces a dynamic relationship with the site as the visitor moves around it. This visual dynamism is accentuated further by the inverted conic massing of the building, which leans away from the corner of the park towards its center, inviting pedestrians into the urban oasis that it helps create.


Principal:   Toshiko Mori FAIA
Project Lead: Joshua Uhl
Project Team:  Rick Lam, David Jaubert, Justin Brown


1st image © Hiroshi Abe
2nd/3rd image © Max Touhey

Location New York, NY
Owner Hudson Yards Development Corporation + New York City Economi
Program Development of New York City Streetscape and Public Space
Size 4 acres