Kyoto Arts and Fashion New York, NY

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As a store for traditional fabrics and garments from Kyoto, the space was created to house the Kimono, a garment that is folded flat rather than hung. A monumental cascading central platform is derived from the proportion of the kimono when it is unfolded. The platform creates a central focus for the space, where all transactions take place. The ceiling plaque reflects the exact outline of this centralized platform, housing concealed lighting, mechanical and audio devices. The perimeter breaks the symmetry of the room; one wall constructed of black stained wood with sliding pegs for the purpose of displaying woven cords, the other wall constructed of frosted glass divisions that conceal changing rooms. A trapeze of display fixtures made of stainless steel is provided for the fabrics. The design elements and finishes are purposefully made strong and austere in order to contrast with the delicacy of the products.

Photographs © Peter Paige

Location New York, NY
Owner Kyoto Marubeni USA Inc
Program Retail
Size 1,000 sq ft