Issey Miyake Madison Avenue New York, NY

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This clothing shop in Manhattan was designer Issey Miyake's first freestanding boutique in the U.S. The shop reflects the same juxtaposition of fluid and rigid lines that Miyake's women's and men's collections do.

The line of vision follows a triangular cut in the floor, reflected by the duct above, and converges on the point of focus of geometry of the space where a person can stand to observe the shop. The central axis is present yet absent as a form. The space is suspended between stainless steel cables used to hang clothing and disappear into the ceiling, and the suggestion of a depth created by the blur triangular cut in the floor.


Principal: Toshiko Mori FAIA
Project Team: Wendy Cronk

Photographs © Paul Warchol


Principal:                  Toshiko Mori

Project Team:          Wendy Cronk

Location New York, NY
Owner Issey Miyake USA
Program Retail
Size 1,700 sq ft