Penobscot Marine Museum Searsport, ME

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The pavilion for the Penobscot Marine Museum will house the Jacob Pike, a historic sardine carrier from the mid twentieth century. The form is reminiscent of the curvature of a boat hull, utilizing its geometry to make an efficient and graceful shape. By using a cable net structure to hold the glass panels of the pavilion, a technique inspired by the principles of rigging in sail boats, the tension produced efficiently minimizes the amount of materials used. Conceived as a sustainable structure, the roof has louvers, which promote natural ventilation, photovoltaic panels to supplement electricity, and solar hot water panels to heat the water in the pool, preventing it from freezing.


Principal: Toshiko Mori 
Project Team: Justin Brown, David Jaubert

Location Searsport, ME
Owner Penobscot Marine Museum
Program Pavilion with permanent gallery
Size 4,260 sq sf