Link Hall Syracuse, NY

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Link Hall, the home of Syracuse University’s Engineering School, was built in the late 1960s next to Slocum Hall, a classical revival building that houses the School of Architecture. Our addition to Link Hall is an academic facility shared by the university and the Syracuse Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems. At ground level is a high-bay laboratory, a thirty-foot-high industrial space for materials testing; on the floors above are flexible research spaces and offices.

Built on a neglected area of campus, the site had originally been used as a loading dock and garbage collection at the rear of Link Hall.  With its reflective cladding, the Addition brings light into a formerly dark chasm and creates a new point of focus for the building, effectively becoming a second front façade.  This forms a connection between Link Hall and its surrounding buildings and reinforces the axis running through the site to create a focus at the north end of the architecture and engineering the compound.

Our design stands in contrast to the existing buildings in both design and interior program. Industrial in its character, structure, and material, the faceted form of the new construction distinguishes the program of environmental studies. The mineral-like form is a metaphoric “diamond in the rough” that emphasizes the role of Link Hall as an emerging center of collaborative environmental and energy research for architects and engineers. 


Principal:  Toshiko Mori
Project Lead:  Michelle Kim
Project Team: Amy Yang


Photographs © Iwan Baan

Location Syracuse, NY
Owner Syracuse University
Program Offices and Materials Testing Laboratories
Size 10,000 sq ft