Salzburg Sternbrauerei Housing Competition Salzburg, Austria

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Salzburg is an incredibly rich and complex city, where architecture and nature coexist in a unique state of balanced tension. Situated between intense cliffs which surge in height, the city's architecture is confronted with the duality of nature and urbanism. Our conceptual approach seeks to address this duality by proposing a scheme which establishes a symbiotic relationship between the low rise urban context and the sublime beauty of the cliff. We propose a new hybrid housing typology constructed of two contrasting architectures that each uniquely respond to the site's duality. The City Dwelling is a low rise structure - an undulating form that establishes various courtyards, gardens, squares and plazas. It addresses the intimate urban life that defines Salzburg, while also bringing new vitality to the site through public amenities. The Sky Dwelling is a dramatic form, suspended above the City Dwelling and responding to the immense rock cliff. The luxury housing provides an iconic identity to the project, allowing the project to become a landmark for the city of Salzburg.


Principal: Toshiko Mori
Project Lead: Joshua Uhl
Project Team: Michael Innerarity, Tilmann Schmidt

Location Salzburg, Austria
Owner Asset One Immobilienentwicklungs AG
Program Housing and Cultural Center
Size 150,000 sq ft