House in Taghkanic Taghkanic, NY

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The main house, guest house, and garage are situated among large rock outcroppings on a cliff in Taghkanic, NY, a remote site with spectacular views of the Hudson Valley. The main house is a new 3,800 square foot family vacation home with 4 bedrooms sited between two large boulder promontories. The structure consists of two rectangular volumes connected by a central spine of circulation that incorporates the entry, interior passages and stair, and an exterior bridge linking the two high points of the surrounding landscape. The two-story east volume containing the bedrooms is embedded in the rock and nested against an edge of exposed rock face. The west volume, containing the double-height living and dining spaces is elevated on piers allowing the undulating topography of the rock to remain undisturbed. The exterior deck running the full length of the west volume is cantilevered over the edge of the cliff, overlooking the tops of the trees in the foreground and the distant view of the Hudson Valley beyond.


Principal: Toshiko Mori
Project Lead: Alexandra Barker
Project Team: Wendy Cronk, Sonya Lee


Photographs © Iwan Baan

Location Taghkanic, NY
Owner Private Residence
Program Residential New Construction
Size 5,700 sq ft