Loft in New York City New York, NY

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The typology of the Loft originates in New York City. Lofts are often defined by their singular open expansive space, in which both private and public functions of living coexist. In the renovation of this 5600 sf loft, the typology of the loft and its open plan were carefully considered, reconsidered and reinvented to accommodate the particular programmatic needs of the Client.

The conceptual strategy was to continually refer to the typology of the loft while also providing more cellular, private spaces, as required by the programmatic needs of the Client. To achieve this, the previously single open space was divided into two main zones. The first retained all the characteristics of a 'loft'—a large open space defined not by partitions but free standing furniture pieces. The visual and spatial fluidity provided the main space with both a continuity as well as a more human scale to the otherwise large expansive space. The second zone enclosed the private spaces, such as bathrooms and bedrooms along the perimeter of the site.

In order to engage the two disparate entities, a third concept was introduced --the solarium. This semi-public/semi-private space bisects the loft and the private spaces. The room was enclosed entirely of glass and was centrally located to allow for social gathering as well as a way to bring light further into the loft.


Principal:  Toshiko Mori
Project Lead:  Wendy Cronk
Project Team:  Sonya Lee


Photographs © Iwan Baan

Location New York, NY
Owner Private Residence
Program Loft Renovation
Size 5,600 sq ft