Poe Park Visitor Center Bronx, NY

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The Poe Park Visitor Center, located on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, is an educational facility to support the bustling community. The building houses exhibition and assembly space, an information desk, learning areas, and support spaces for Poe Park. The north end of the structure features a large window that frames a view of Poe Cottage, Edgar Allan Poe's last residence. The center orients visitors within Poe Park, directing them northward toward the historic cottage or southward to an eighty-year-old bandstand that anchors the opposite end of the park. The building is composed of two separate volumes that slip between each other to express the state of flux that is characteristic of many of Poe's stories.


Principal:  Toshiko Mori
Project Lead:  Alexandra Barker
Project Team:  Michelle Kim, Amy Yang


Photographs © Iwan Baan

Location Bronx, NY
Owner City of New York Parks and Recreation
Program Visitor Center and Exhibition Space
Size 2,700 sqf.